Back up your private data from social media networks

FFForget is a safe, encrypted and real-time backup service for all of your social media posts, pictures, videos and personal data. With FFForget, you can quit any social network at any time without risk of losing your memories.

* The service is planned to go live in 2017 based on user’s interest. Subscribe now for free and become one of its first users!

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Total backup

Total media content backup: get a copy of all your pictures, videos, posts, GPS check-ins, interests and other profile information.

Digital Freedom

Your data is stored securely and you are free to export it to any service using our API integration. You are in control of your data.

Client-side encryption

You data will be encrypted with a highly trusted military grade algorithm. Choose USA (AES), EU (DES), or Russia (GOST) encryption.

No ads. No tracking

FFForget is all about your privacy – we do not index, make a copy or posses have an intention to use your data to profile you and sell ads. FFForget grants you digital independence and freedom of choice.

How can FFForget Help You?


Blocked on Facebook!

If you are blocked by Facebook for any reason, you will still have a copy of all of your memories.

Your memories – your rules!

If you are active in social networks, but your data is chaotic and fragmented - FFForget can help by organizing your memories the way you want.

You want to be forgotten

If you decide to quit social networking one day, you can do it with your memories safely stored in an encrypted vault.

Account has been hacked!

If a hack damaged your account, you can esily restore your data from your backup.

FFForget lets you own your content

What do experts say

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Evgeny Chereshnev

I hate when my personal data is owned by everyone but me. I love the FFForget initiative because they are making an effort to change that.

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Alejandro Arango

I strongly believe that there are many pros and cons in the way modern social networks operate. Providing users with a choice when it comes to privacy is important.

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Jeff Esposito

I want our kids to grow up in a truly free society. I like FFForget for what they stand for, and I am happy to be onboard.

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Yulia Shlychkova

Privacy is becoming a big concern on numerous levels of our society. I don’t know if FFForget is the ultimate solution. But this is a step in the right direction.

Choose a plan that suits you

You can use the solution for free or be our early bird and get the special offer for just 1.99 per month!


$0 /mo

  • Free Manual backup of 1 network of your choice
    (Facebook, Google, Twitter or Instagram)
  • Basic encryption
  • No tracking, no ads


$1.99 /mo

  • All four major networks backupFacebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram
    in automatic real-time mode
  • Military-grade encryption of your choice with DES, AES, Blowfish
  • Real-tyme sync API access (get access to your content to 3d party apps&services of your choice)
  • Content Browsing & Organizing interface
  • No tracking, no ads